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I’m Only 45 –55 years Of Age. Do I Really Need To Use A Financial Advisor and Retirement Planner?

It’s easy to always think of putting off addressing your financial situation and retirement for some point “down the road”. Yet as you’ve probably learned by now, “down the road” comes around very quickly!

In the blink of an eye, your 30s and 40s are gone, and now the “retirement discussion” is in sight. Many people start to feel a sense of urgency to do something…anything at this point. Especially when they start doing the math and realize that they don’t have nearly enough money saved, or put away for them to retire comfortably.

To People Who Want To Better Their Financial Position
– But Can’t Get Started

So what should you be thinking about and actually doing to start getting your finances in order and SERIOUSLY preparing for your eventual retirement? The answer is quite simple. At this time in your life, it’s a good time to review your 401k to make sure that you are at least deferring the maximum amount to qualify for your maximum employer match.

If you have changed jobs throughout your career, it is very common for people to have money left in old 401k plans, you want to have your financial advisor check and find out if you have any money sitting around that you’re not aware. Once this money has been found, you should conisder consolidationg it all into one account that YOU CONTROL.

Also, any investments that you have should be looked and reviewed by a competent and experienced financial advisor to make sure that you’re on target to accomplish your intended financial and personal goals. If your life plan involves early retirement, you should begin to become more conservative in your investments and focus more on protecting what you have already accumulated. At Bill Kinder & Associates, we can help you accomplish all of this and more.

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Then I’m The Financial Advisor For You

With over 35 years experience, both in retirement and estate planning, we have a unique perspective on positioning your money, using unique tax planning strategies to minimize your taxes owed, protecting your assets and enjoying a great quality of life now and during your retirement. At Bill Kinder & Associates, we also help to ensure that you don’t outlive your income. Our firm focuses on personalized ‘Peace of Mind Planning’ and helping you reach your goals.

First off, when we meet, we’ll complete a “Retirement Planning Report” which helps you better understand various sources of income (such as estimated social security), any pension benefits and IRA and 401K balances, and what you can expect as income from these sources. We then help you to consolidate these assets, and do an estimated projection of what you can expect at retirement and beyond.

Next, we help you make the best choices on social security options by doing a “Social Security Maximization Report”. Choosing the wrong option may cost you thousands in benefits over your lifetime! Our proprietary report guides you as to the best options based on your situation.

Then, we discuss estate planning issues which could impact your retirement savings during your retirement years as well as your ability to pass on your estate to your children and grandchildren. If you need wills, trusts and deeds prepared, don’t worry, we’ll assist you with these as well.

Client Case Study

Her Situation: Susan J. was 55 years old and planning to retire in 5 – 7 years and was concerned about having enough money to retire and maintain her current quality of life and lifestyle.

Her Challenge: She had some money that she’d been putting away in an IRA and a 401k yet it wasn’t enough to support her through the rest of her life in retirement.

Our Solution: First, we identified what her projected retirement years were. Then we reallocated her investments to minimize her risk, maximize her returns and keep her assets safe and secure. Next, we utilized a personalized tax planning strategy to reduce her taxes on what she would owe. Finally, we designed a plan to MAXIMIZE her social security benefits by deferring them for a few years longer, so that she could maximize her monthly income.

Her Outcome: She had more money available yearly as well as enough to sustain her through her retirement. Needless to say she was very, very happy!

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