Case Studies

Over the years Bill Kinder & Associates has worked with thousands of satisfied clients. The case studies below represent just a few of our most recent clients with different concerns and how we were able to help turn their challenges into success stories.

Please note that each situation is different and results may vary.

Retirement Planning

Susan J. was 55 years old and planning to retire in 5 – 7 years. She was concerned about having enough money to retire and maintain her current lifestyle.
She had some money that she had put in an IRA and a 401k, yet it was not enough to support her through the rest of her retirement life.
Bill Kinder & Associates identified what her projected retirement years were. Then we reallocated her investments to minimize her risk, maximize her returns, and keep her assets secure. We utilized a strategy to reduce her taxes on what she would owe. We designed a plan to MAXIMIZE her social security benefits by deferring them for a few years longer to maximize her monthly income.
She had more money available yearly and enough to sustain her through her retirement years.

Tax Reduction

George M. has a successful retail store but feels he pays more taxes than he should be.

His tax professional deducted everything he could for George’s business, yet George was still in a high tax bracket.
Bill Kinder & Associates helped George implement a few strategies that IMMEDIATELY lowered BOTH his business AND personal taxes, and helped him increase his retirement savings.
George was able to realize an almost 50% reduction in BOTH his business and personal taxes.

Disability and Life Insurance

At age 44 Daniel D. wanted to protect his family and income should he be injured or become deceased.
Bill Kinder & Associates helped Daniel purchase a $1M term life policy and a $9,000/month disability income policy. The term premium was $1,500 per year, and the disability policy was $5,400 annually. Bill Kinder had recommended to Daniel to buy the waiver of premium on the life policy should he become disabled. Within a year Daniel was injured and became disabled for life.
Both policies were approved for disability waiver. The disability policy paid out over $2M until Daniel reached age 65. The term life insurance company allowed Daniel to convert his term life to a whole life policy in year 2, with the premium of over $18,000 annually being waived. In 2021, the death benefit is over $1.5M with a cash value of over $850,000 and dividends over $300,000. Daniel’s out-of-pocket cost was less than $10,000.

Lifetime Income After Retirement

Jim and Erica F. were concerned that they would have to live a simpler lifestyle after retirement. They wanted to visit grandchildren, take vacations with friends, afford to buy newer vehicles every few years, and other luxuries they had become accustom to as part of their working lives.
Jim is 60 years old with a 401k valued at $350,000, and Erica is 59 years old with a retirement plan valued at $175,000. How can they draw monthly distributions after retirement without running out of money?
Bill Kinder & Associates helped Jim and Erica roll their monies into annuity plans with Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders after they reached a particular age. The annuity safeguards their monies from market fluctuations, but continues to accumulate interest with a guaranteed income.
Jim and Erica are now retired at 65 and 64. In addition to their social security benefits, Jim is able to draw a lifetime income of $1,676 monthly and Erica is drawing $827 monthly. This totals an additional $30,036 annually. Without the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders, Jim and Erica’s retirement monies would be depleted, theoretically, in just under 19 years. If either Jim or Erica live longer than 84 or 83, respectively, the surviving spouse will continue to receive his/her monthly income until their death, and they will receive the remainder of the spouse’s annuity as a death benefit.

Paying Assisted Living Expenses

Sallie T. wanted to protect her assets and ensure that her heirs would inherit her lifetime savings, home, and other investments.
Sallie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 68 years old and was not eligible for long term care insurance. How could she make sure she would be taken care of in the later stages of her disease without depleting her savings and putting her home at risk if she were placed in a nursing home?
Bill Kinder & Associates helped Sallie rolled over her 401k into an annuity with a Wellness Rider at no extra cost. The Wellness Rider provides 5 years of monthly payouts (based on policy value) should Sallie lose two out six activities of daily living (ADL).
In the last stages of Alzheimer’s Sallie was placed in assisted living care until her death. Coupled with her monthly social security income, the Wellness Rider paid out enough to cover the monthly expenses of the assisted living home, all healthcare deductibles, and other expenses not covered under Medicare without touching her savings. Her heirs received their full inheritance and the remaining funds in the annuity after Sallie’s death.

Tobacco-User Life Insurance

Matthew P., 46 years old, has dipped snuff for over 20 years, but otherwise is in great health. He wants to purchase affordable life insurance.
10-Year term life insurance premiums for $50,000 exceeded $75/month because Matthew is considered a male tobacco user.
Bill Kinder & Associates works with numerous companies, not just one. We are able to search for the best premiums that best fit each individual’s need, including diabetes, heart attacks, and other health problems. We found the best rate from a company that categorizes snuff and chewing tobacco as tobacco-plus, which is far less expensive than a smoking rate.
Matthew was able to purchase a $50,000 whole life policy for $58/month. His account will continue to accumulate cash value over the years, and his monthly premium will never increase.