Personal financial management simply means gaining an understanding of your financial situation to make the most of your assets in daily life and in planning for your future and retirement. At Bill Kinder & Associates we talk to you about protecting your income and assets, and planning for education and retirement. We will develop a Survivorship Report tailored specifically to your needs, offer solutions to help you achieve your long and short-term financial goals, and answer any questions you may have.


The day will come when you will want to retire. How do you make sure you spend your golden years enjoying yourself and not outliving your nest egg? How do you maximize your social security benefits, reduce taxes, and grow your retirement accounts with no fees? The solution is personal retirement planning, having a plan professionally created for you and sticking to it.

At Bill Kinder & Associates we specialize in creating comprehensive retirement planning solutions personalized for your unique situation and lifestyle. These solutions integrate all aspects of your financial picture into a complete, coordinated plan that gives you peace of mind and clarity about your financial situation. The retirement planning strategies that we use are not only effective, but proven to achieve retirement and legacy goals.


Why bother with estate conservation? How does it affect you? Bill Kinder & Associates works with you to minimize the erosion of your estate by income taxes, probate fees, and other costs of estate administration so you can leave your heirs the maximum inheritance possible. We recommend strategies to protect your home and assets, and to help pay for a nursing home or other care should you lose two out of six activities of daily living (ADL).